Quality of life is strictly linked to the quality of the food we eat

All the ingredients we use come from agriculture and organic farming. The raw materials are crucial and farmers are great inspiration to do well, to do better. A synergy that sensitizes us to sustainability through high quality of organic food, fresh, wholesome and, where possible, KM 0!

Our juice bar!

Every sip a joy!

Centrifuges, smoothies, juices, lassies rich in vitamins, fiber, potassium, iron ... A dip in the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables! Absolutely and of course ORGANIC!

Our salad bar!

Choose anything that’s good for you!

An organic vegetable garden at your fingertips! So you can choose anything you want and compose your favorite dish without compromising on quality and freshness. ViVi Bistrot offers you a new way of eating with a fresh and inviting salad bar! Decide whether to eat seated or take away .... because each pause is tailor-made for you!

Our desserts

Biologically vicious!

Just like grandma made them ... Only goodness without preservatives! And do not forget that now you can also buy our cakes to bring to your home the authenticity that distinguish us\makes our difference, slice after slice!