Vivi Bistrot

Our history

ViVi Bistrot: live and eat with love

It's a search, a passion, a taste-pleasing exhortation for life to the natural.

We are Daniela and Cristina, founders and owners of Vivi Bistrot in Rome.  Vivi is born from our happy encounter, from a thought that we have shared and that we have come to realize thanks to the creativity, curiosity and energy that unites us. Vivi Bistrot offers a simple and delicious cuisine that uses organic ingredients to create tasty menus. Presenting a dish takes time, art, attention to others, and to ourselves. We have traveled, known cultures, different cuisines, places but above all people. Our recipes come from our travels, markets, inspired recipe books, conversations with young people and experts, friends, grandparents and growers: people who love food and believe that cooking is always an act of love.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We like the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle for the mind and body, we love the daily open air breaks and a genuine diet made of healthy and natural food, all prepared with fresh raw ingredients that turn into delicious dishes. We are proud to promote a food model based on principles of sustainability and precise choices, that never  gives up the taste: that's why we believe in an organic food ethic!